Hot Dog Savoyard

If you have good appetite, try out these gourmet cheesy hot dogs. Savoy refers to the French Alps region which are masters in cheese savoir-faire.

That Arrancini Guy

That Arancini Guy makes delicious handmade arancini balls, but also delicious Cheesewheel Gnocchi. Find a wide range of varieties, including gluten-free and vegetarian options.

Neo Organic Tea

Tea drinking in Australia is an essential part of the culture, most people are huge fan of tea and have adopted the famous 'tea time'. Discover our combination of tea blends and French cheeses.

Simon Johnson

Simon Johnson has provided chefs, restaurateurs and home cooks with quality, unique products since 1992. To shop where the chefs shop, come into a store today.

French Kiss creperie

Crepes comes from the beautiful Britanny region in France. The most classic recipe called the 'La Complete' includes Emmental/Gruyere, ham and egg. Also on the menu, the galette with raclette cheese - a must try!

The French Cob Loaf

Discover an Aussie Classic's with a French Touch. Melted cheese lovers, our creations are made for you. Taste our delicious melted french cheese in a sourdough.

Saucissons Australia

La Bastide brings French Style Artisanat and savoir-faire to Australia. Discover a range of what the French calls 'produit du terroir' at the Bon Fromage festival with curated cheeses, pate and homemade dried sausages. Get some of the Saucissons and Cheeses cones to try out the French apero classic.

Formaggi Ocello

Starting from local growers market, The Formaggi Ocello has come a long way, stocking now over 250 high quality cheeses. Loyal to their mission of bringing high quality products to the Australian market, the team travel each year throughout Europe to curate and discover new cheeses; 'We source and import cheeses that are made traditionally on a small scale' says Sogna.


Frencheese is serving raclette cheese, one of the most popular dish in France and Switzerland. The dish is melted cheese poured on sauteed potatoes, cured meat, salad, cornichons,... Follow the smell!

Smoke And Spice

Selling a unique range of gourmet smoked condiments that pairs beautifully with French cheeses, from the incredible smoked salt seasoning, to french style smoked garlic bulbs and delicious smoked walnuts, cashews and almonds.

Passiontree Velvet

Incredible Cakes and Macaron for every occasion - Discover PassionTree Bon Fromage range at the festival.

L'Homme Fromage

Damon Firmager, Cheesemonger is a direct descendent of the first cheese artisans who produced fine cheeses for Philip 1 of France. With the family heritage behind him and drawing on his wealth of experience as a chef, Damon has created L'homme Fromage a quaint cheese Cafe in Rosebery providing tantalising cheese dishes and a fine selection of hand picked cheeses.

Infinity Bakery

In 1997 Infinity Bakery opened as Sydney’s first organic sourdough bakery. It all started when Australian chef Phillip Searle, inspired by a classic Parisian bakery, brought the ancient craft of ‘Levain’ baking traditions back to Darlinghurst.